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Getting your photos into Google Earth

Many Panoramio users want their photos to appear in Google Earth and Google Maps. The Google Earth process is well defined and we explain it here. Occasionally, photos are selected for Google Maps.

What you need to know about the transfer process

Panoramio adds photos to Google Earth approximately once a month. Check the transfer dates for the last transfer date and the next transfer dates. You can see your photos in Google Earth only if they were approved and transferred before the previous transfer date.

This is the process for approving and transferring photos:

  1. When you upload a photo, Panoramio assigns it an ID number. The ID appears under the photo, with a status message. For example, the following might appear under a photo:
    Not yet reviewed - ID: 12795718
  2. At some time after you've mapped your photo, Panoramio reviews its appropriateness for Google Earth and Google Maps. If the photo meets the acceptance policy, it's usually approved.
    There is a lag between the time when you map your photo and the time it is reviewed, because Panoramio receives thousands of photos each day. Because photo IDs are sequential, you can get a sense of the photo's position in the queue for review. The ID of the last photo reviewed is listed with the transfer information at the top of this page.
  3. When a photo has been approved, the Panoramio symbol appears on the photo, as it's shown on your personal (Your photos) page. If you click the photo, you'll see that the message has changed to this:
    Selected for Google Earth
  4. Panoramio transfers all approved photos to Google Earth.
  5. Shortly after the transfer date, the photo appears in Google Earth. You may need to zoom in quite a bit to see your photo. The photo appears as a small icon or thumbnail.

It can take up to 10 days between the time that you add the photo to Panoramio and the time that it's approved.

The advertised date for transfers is approximate and subject to change. Delays are typically limited to a few days. If an update is delayed for more than a few days, we'll post about the problem in the Panoramio blog.

What to do if a photo hasn't been reviewed

If you have a photo that hasn't yet been reviewed please check that the photo is mapped. Only geocoded photos are reviewed.If the photo is mapped, fill in this form and we'll correct the error.

What to do if a photo hasn't been selected after a second review

If you have a photo that has been reviewed twice and still has not been selected and you are sure that the photo follows our policies, you can contact us ( and we will review the photo again.

  1. Check that the photo is mapped. Only geocoded photos are reviewed.
  2. If the photo is mapped, fill in this form and we'll correct the error.

How to preview your photo in Google Earth

To preview your photo in Google Earth:

  1. View the photo in Panoramio, and make sure that it has already been mapped. The photo must be mapped before you can preview it in Google Earth.
  2. Above the photo, click See in Google Earth. You are then asked to download or open a file.
  3. Download or open the file. Google Earth opens.
    In the left Places panel, under Temporary Places, you can see a section for your photos. For example, if your Panoramio username is fotonina, you'll see a section called fotonina's photos.
  4. In the Search panel, search for the place where you mapped a photo. You'll see your photo as a thumbnail, even when other photos are just small icons.

You can preview a photo in Google Earth. When you preview the photo in Google Earth, you see the latest Panoramio photos, including those that have not yet been transferred to Google Earth.

There's no way to preview a photo in Google Maps.